It’s now Sanders or Bloomberg

I think Democrats by now have to choose between Sanders and Bloomberg. There’s no time for the smaller names, no-one will vote for them, the rest of the lesser-known candidates should follow Buttigieg and wrap up their campaign.

Biden is the way to lose an election. The centrist candidate is boring and doesn’t stand for anything. Grey candidates lose to Trump.

People say that Elizabeth Warren is the effective politician that you vote for if you want socialist ideals implemented. I’m not so sure any more. Warren is right on most issues but some of her interventions are heavy-handed. She proposes a few % tax on wealth, another few % tax on stock trading, and measures against big banks. These interventions look small but for technical reasons they’re large and disruptive and they will be resisted. The proposals also look simplistic. I have more subtle ideas how to separate billionaires from their wealth and how to reorganize banks, and I’m just an armchair scholar. That’s frustrating because Warren is a woman and also young and energetic. It’s the candidate I’d like to win but I don’t think she can win with such an interventionist program.

Bernie is the well-meaning socialist humanist that America dearly needs. He has a good heart and that counts for a lot when you want to beat Trump. People may not vote for him because they’re stuck in a 1950s “commies are bad” level of political thought. So be it. Everyone else, and especially young people, will. If elected, Sanders will turn the dials of American society a couple of ticks back from the cruel and destructive extreme they’re currently at. That’ll be a good thing. His interventions are very mild. He might get more people under medicare or dampen the rental market in big cities. These policies may turn out more or less effective, but they’re hardly extreme.

Bloomberg looks like he might do to the Democrats what Trump did to the Republicans last time. Stay out of most of the debate and the scuffles, then come on the stage with his own money and media presence and sort of buy the nomination. He’s at some level competent and ethical. Sadly he’s not Bill Gates. If Bill ran I think America would vote for him in a heartbeat. But that’s the choice America has. Either pick the inspiring socialist, which I think is Sanders, or the decent billionaire who runs against Trump.

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