About the author

Hi and welcome! I’m Pavlos Papageorgiou. The one who grew up in Greece and Nigeria, now lives in Edinburgh and works in medical informatics. In this blog you’ll find my writings on politics, ethics, computing, product design and other topics. I’m writing slowly, so expect to find a few articles each year rather than several updates a week.

The point of publishing this is to leave my thoughts out in the world and move the Zeitgeist ever so slightly in the direction of compassion. So that you can quickly determine my political standing I’ve drawn this simple scale:

This is a public blog, not a social one. Sometimes I’ll write something controversial. If this offends you, please read the post fully and then comment why I’m wrong. Comments from all viewpoints are welcome, but please be respectful. All material is copyright by me and unlimited reproduction is permitted so long as you name me as author or link to my blog. If you like anything I write, share it.

All responsibility for these writings is mine, and I do not speak on behalf of any other party. My employers don’t fund or endorse these writings, and would probably distance themselves if you asked. The various ISPs involved in hosting this blog aren’t responsible either. I supposedly know a little about computing and software, but I’m not any kind of expert or authority on any other subject.

2 thoughts on “About the author

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  2. Would you send me your e-mail address? I would like to send you my (draft) paper: Microfoundations of Evolutionary Economics.

    If you are feeling near to Stiglitz, I believe you will find my paper interesting.

    Yoshinori Shiozawa

    I have made many comments in Real-World Economics Review Blog.


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