Small thoughts

Time stretches like a line from the past to the future. You can see far in time, in both directions, if only you are prepared to look. Most people feign an inability to see the future, because to turn their eyes there scares them.

Fascists are like rats. Once you see them rally in the public square you’re left knowing that they are hiding in the surrounding buildings, and there’s little you can do about it.

If computer scientists had invented the English language, why would be deprecated and we’d have why_c for inquiring causal chains of events, why_p for assuming a purposeful agent, and why_v for ascribing value to alternatives. Let’s teach why_p we exist instead of why_c we’re here. Oh really, why_v?

If dictionaries were written by mathematicians, some words wouldn’t be defined. You’d just have to assume their meaning. Simple words would have to be used to define more complicated words. Only obscure words would be defined using the full language.

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